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Sensor Products

Products -- Sensors

  • OEM / Resellers: .

  • Technology:
    ISO/IEC 18092 / ECMA-340
    ISO/IEC 21481 / ECMA-352
    ISO/IEC 14443 both Type A and Type B, and FeliCa
    NFC operates at 13.56 MHz and at rates ranging from 106 kbit/s to 848 kbit/s
    MPC5121e (0M36P) Errata
    NAND FLASH by the Near Field Communication (NFC)
    i.MX25 Flash Devices
    Other standardization bodies:
    ETSI / SCP (Smart Card Platform) to specify the interface between the SIM card and the NFC chipset.
    GlobalPlatform to specify a multi-application architecture of the secure element.
    EMVCo for the impacts on the EMV payment applications.

  • Consulting:
    There are currently three specific uses for NFC:

    Card emulation: the NFC device behaves like an existing contactless card
    Reader mode: the NFC device is active and reads a passive RFID tag
    P2P mode: two NFC devices communicating together and exchanging information

    Mobile/Transport fare
    Aviation boarding pass
    Smart poster
    Smart POS and POP
    Event tickets
    Electronic money
    Travel funds
    Identity validation
    Mobility Commerce
    Wireless entry and security

  • Creative:

  • Security :

  • Government:

  • Healthcare:

  • Hardware devices:

    NFC-enabled handsetsNokia C7-00[15]
    Nokia 6216 Classic[16]
    Nokia 6212 Classic[18]
    Nokia 6131 NFC[19]
    Nokia 3220 + NFC Shell[20]
    Samsung S5230 Tocco Lite/Star/Player One/Avila[21]
    Samsung SGH-X700 NFC[22]
    Samsung D500E[20]
    SAGEM my700X Contactless[19]
    LG 600V contactless[19]
    Motorola L7 (SLVR)[20]
    Benq T80[20]
    Sagem Cosyphone[23]
    Google Nexus S[24]
    Samsung Galaxy S II
    Samsung Wave 578

  • Payment product Management:
    Leading mobile NFC product development and managing external business relationships
    Develop strategic direction and initiate projects/programs in the Mobile space
    Business Analysis with IT Consumer Marketing Organization (CMO)
    Define requirements and scope for projects/initiatives (conceptualization)
    Experience with Contactless Device and Mobile (text, NFC, electronic wallet, payments, etc.) technology
    Experience with Cards Backend systems (IBS and surrounds) (First Data, Visa, MasterCard, US Banks)
    Mobile application experience with key mobile platforms such as IPhone and Android and Blackberry
    Retail marketing for large retail brand or consumer products brand


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